Meet Marc Widmer

Marc Widmer became a tree hugger at a young age.  His interest in landscaping dates back to his teenage years when he planted several hundred Indiana State nursery trees at his parents’ farm property.

A graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Landscape Architecture, he brings a wide range of skills to Trademarc Landscaping.  His professional experience includes executing civil engineer work, field engineering, land surveying and working in the land development field, as well as years of serving as a designer and project manager for Koehler Brothers and other area landscape companies. 

Trademarc Landscaping began in 2009 to provide professional landscape design and management services to residents of Tippecanoe and the surrounding counties.  Marc specializes in residential landscape design and implementation, but his clientele also includes business and commercial customers, as well as schools.  From his experience in long term landscape installation and nursery work, he brings an extensive knowledge of plant materials that can be successful in the Indiana landscape through his designs.